Five Organizational Levers to Support Inclusion

Part of the eBook Series, Inclusive Leadership: From Awareness to Action
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30 pages (30 min read)

Five Organizational Levers to Support Inclusion

Learn how leaders and organizations can build a culture of inclusion using five critical change levers:

Lever #1 Recruitment

Discover how to successfully attract, retain, and engage top global talent.


Lever #2 Executive Engagement

Weigh the pros and cons of potential structures for sustaining inclusion over time. 


Lever #3 Coaching/Mentoring

Learn how to provide focused support to employees with backgrounds different from the organizational mainstream.


Lever #4 Key Performance Indicators

Examine talent cycle metrics and a new approach to measuring inclusion for employees and organizations.


Lever #5 Policy and Process

Identify the most effective methods and policies to promote positive inclusion outcomes.


This ebook is part of a larger series, Inclusive Leadership: From Awareness to Action, that will be released throughout 2019.

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About the Authors

Ernest Gundling, Ph.D. is a co-founder and managing partner of Aperian Global. He assists clients in developing strategic global approaches to inclusive leadership, organizational development, and relationships with key business partners. The author of five books – including What is Global Leadership?, Global Diversity and Leading Across New Borders – he has also served for 25 years as a lecturer at the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley.
Cheryl Williams, Ph.D. is a highly regarded subject matter expert on global workforce inclusion, diversity matters, cultural competency and leadership across boundaries. She spent over twenty-five years in leadership roles in the entertainment and high technology industries where she managed employee education and training, recruitment, staffing, internal communications, employee relations, and community relations. Dr. Williams is a Professor at Concordia University, Irvine, California.
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Mercedes Martin is a pioneer in global leadership and diversity who has successfully developed high performing teams with measurable impact. She has worked globally with Fortune 50 companies, including PepsiCo, Procter & Gamble, Shell Oil, and Kellogg’s. In these engagements, she developed and designed learning labs that catapulted participants into taking purposeful action. Mercedes challenges the learning and development status quo to help organizations navigate the old and new power and leadership mindset.
Ashley Coombs is a Global Inclusion Consultant facilitating the development, implementation and sustainment of inclusive culture transformations at global scale. She stewards Aperian's inclusion division, working closely with our global practitioners, content development and project support teams. Ashley brings 10 years of experience as an I&D thought partner to organizations from multiple industries and geographies.

What you will take away

Throughout the ebook series, Inclusive Leadership: From Awareness to Action, Dr. Gundling and Dr. Williams discuss the business case for inclusion and diversity, while offering key insights and small, actionable behaviors leaders can take on in order to become a more inclusive and effective leader.